Monday, 8 September 2014

What is ATOL?

I have been working at the Civil Aviation Authority for just over two months now. When i started it felt strange to be in a proper full time job, with responsibility and a constant workload. But after not even a week, i felt extremely settled and everything became more and more manageable. I have reflected on the two previous months and I have been engaged in so many exciting experiences and opportunities. I think the most important yet simple life lesson I have learnt so far is, 'Always buy travel insurance', something my case officer taught me early on. After dealing with customer enquiries it has become apparent why that is so vital. You never know when your holiday plans aren't going to go exactly the way you planned, and if the company hasn't gone into administration then your travel insurance may be the answer to your prayers.

So what is ATOL?
The Air Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL) is managed by the Civil Aviation Authority. Travel providers within the UK that sell package holidays abroad are required to hold an ATOL licence in order to provide consumers with protection, this is renewed yearly. However, ATOL does not only protect package holidays, it can also protects dynamically packaged products. This can be shown through  a flight and accommodation / car hire  not booked as package but by the same travel provider within a 24 hour period, this is housed under the flight plus scheme. In some occasions, a flight only sale can be protected, if it has been booked through a travel company holding an ATOL licence and an ATOL certificate has been issued. 

The URL link below leads to a straightforward guide:

By dealing with consumer needs on a day to day basis, I have been grasping the actual concept of the ATOL licence, by many consumers can be thought of as complex and confusing. However in reality many are unaware of the true value in relation to the ATOL licence and what it stands for. The ATOL licence comes into affect when the company the consumer has booked through has ceased trading. This helps protect the consumers who may be currently abroad, as we are able to provide advice and arrange transport to help them return to the UK. It also protects consumers who are due to travel, we are able to provide advice regarding claims and the current situation. 

Dealing with situations like these on a day to day basis can be challenging, but it has helped grow my confidence when dealing with customers and understanding their individual needs.

 Education regarding how consumers understand ATOL licensing is important and vital in order for consumers to 'pack peace of mind' as our slogan says. 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Life update

Dear readers,

I apologise for not posting since the start of the academic year. It has certainly been a busy second year at university. This year was different, as usual it was a step up from the year before (as expected). But the school of tourism at BU had also changed over to semesters. This meant that instead of having 6 units run throughout the university year, I studied 3 units intensely followed by the winter break, and then 6 new units. It was both good and bad. I felt that it was good as it meant everything was fast paced (I find this more motivating), but as we were the first year experimenting it, it also meant that some of the unit topics were rushed and therefore sometimes i felt under-prepared and had to carry out extra reading and guidance to feel confident again. All on all it was a good year! 

I think my favourite unit was 'managing people', basically, it was a unit that was central around human resources. This unit was a coursework only module, which meant it was easy to apportion time to projects and plan out when certain parts of the essay's needed to be done by in order to stay on track. I undertook other modules too, such as financial reporting, research methods (useful for my dissertation in my final year), tourism development and planning as well as continuing on with Spanish. 

One of the modules within my second semester was 'operations management' i was highly intrigued with this unit and thoroughly enjoyed it. This included learning about the aviation industry and cruising industry, both of which I think are very interesting. This included learning about ATOL licences which are managed and certified by the Civil Aviation Authority. ATOL licences protect consumers when they purchase travelling components, such as a package holiday. However, after a number of reforms there are now multiple types of ATOL licences for different purposes, for example, flight only and flight plus schemes, in order to make ATOL more flexible.

I am pleased to announce that I have secured a placement within the Consumer Protection Group of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), that deals with ATOL licensing. I will be starting a week today! 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Happy is not the word

The traffic on the blog this week has been phenomenal, and I found myself wondering why it had suddenly sparked up so much, little did I know, Bournemouth University (where I study Tourism Management) had mentioned me on there course overview as I wrote a post on the course trip we took to Jersey at the end of 2012, how delightful! 

Cropped from Bournemouth Uni's website, below is the link.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Summer 2013

So after spending the academic year learning about tourists and the industry, I've been able to spend 20 days of my summer as a tourist in Singapore and Australia. After jumping around from Heathrow to Singapore via Helsinki with Finnair and then Singapore to Sydney with Qantas, I am definately doing my fair share of flying this holiday, luckily I enjoy it!

 I'm currently typing away in a Qantas domestic lounge in Sydney awaiting my plane to the Gold Coast and thought that my blog would benefit from a little update regarding my travels!


For such a small city, there was so much to do in Singapore. I liked how Singapore played a major part in the Finance industry and had a bustling business district, but at the same time, had such lush greenery along the roads with exotic plants (even though they were probably native for Singapore) as well as the botanical gardens. I think that for such a busy and well known city, it's good that they still cared about there environment, shown by the clean and well looked after public areas.

Marina Bay and the Botanical gardens.

How Singapore is run actually made sense, i liked the fact that the government put a large tax on buying a car out there, which in turn would make more people consider using public transport, which then would increase the amount of money going into the public transport, and therefore could highlight the Multiplier Effect as the government could use some of that money to increase and improve the public transport.

I also enjoyed how many ways you could see Singapore from different levels, and still feel like you were in a different city every time, such as from a simple night time boat tour from Clarke Quay, the Singapore Flyer

and the viewing deck of the Marina Bay Sands hotel.


Although it was technically still winter in Sydney it has at least been as warm as England's summer! With a few days hovering around the mid 20's and the last day topping 30 degrees I can truly admit that i'm jealous of the 'winter' weather that Australia experiences. I think that Sydney was a good mixture between a bustling city offering a superb social life as well as areas such as Watson's Bay, Manly and the Botanical Gardens offering space for recreational activities and almost a little holiday from the city.

Shelly Beach, Manly

Transport in Sydney made sense. The underground was obviously newer and more technologically advanced than London's, with double decker trains, a cleaner environment and more opportunities to buy self-selection tickets from machines. As well as the trains, the ferry services offered throughout the city were amazing! Little ferry docks dotted about at different bays, including Taronga Zoo, meant that tourists, commuters and just the general population of Sydney could easily get around the city most probably quicker and cheaper than a car, as well as having a lovely view.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

My view on Airport Live

After watching the 4 part show and scrolling through many web articles, I don't believe that Airport Live got given the valued attention that it should have. Now I'm not a specialist in reviewing, but the BBC2 TV programme was described as 'boring' and a 'yawnfest', which I guess from an outsider who wasn't interested in aviation might have perceived the programme, but then again, if so, why were they watching Airport Live?

Now I found, that Airport Live was almost an inspiration. It expressed to me how Heathrow Airport is more than just a departure lounge or a baggage reclaim hall. It featured many airlines closely, such as the interior of a Qantas A380's cockpit, the schedule for a Singapore Airlines A380. In addition to this Airport Live featured maintenance workers and ground crew at British Airways, as well as ground crew at Virgin Atlantic. 

It covered, in my eyes many interesting areas that are critical to Heathrow's operation, such as the amount of jobs that the ground crew cover, such as the tug. Additionally, the the role of air traffic control, i found very interesting, regarding how much they actually do for the airport, including airport movements,  departures and arrivals, featuring the confusing role of moving aircrafts from cruising altitude to Heathrow's four holding stacks as they prepare for landing. Airport Live mentioned in my eyes, many interesting and useful facts regarding Heathrow, such as a plane taking off every 45 seconds, and because of the airports busy nature the air traffic controllers have to order the planes differently from first come first served in order to achieve 45 - 50 planes taking off every hour rather than an average of 30. 

Host: Kate Humble on the viewing deck of Heathrow's air traffic control tower.

The 4 part programme provided both education about Heathrow's operations as well as how the airport has expanded over it's lifetime since it opened as a small air field in 1929. Airport Live importantly mentioned Heathrow's role in the local area, both economically through growth and the jobs that are created by the airport, but also how Heathrow airport affects local areas such as Hounslow and Longford, and how the airport and the neighbouring areas work together to overcome issues such as noise pollution and the forever-going debate regarding expansion and a third runway at Heathrow. I thought this was a good point to cover as many of us, including myself were confused at how the local residents feel about Heathrow's possible expansion, and what options both the host community and the airport have.

Now, I'm not trying to condense the knowledge of the programme into a blog post, or write a professional review of the programme. But I honestly felt that for those interested and passionate about aviation, Airport Live presented many questions about the operation of Heathrow and answered them efficiently. As well as providing an in-sight to internal topics such as aviation jargon, for example air traffic controllers call British Airways 'speed bird' when they are talking to each other. 

So what is the future for aviation in Britain?

Well, by 2050, aircraft noise is to be reduced by 60% by new measures being implemented, by researchers such as Professor Jin Zhang of Southampton University who is trying to combat the issue of noise pollution, and is currently researching how to make landing gear quieter as the air hits it when being lowered and retracted. 

Simon Calder, senior travel editor at the Independent shared his views regarding the Heathrow expansion, as he reckons a second runway will be built at Gatwick Airport, around 2020, before a third runway is built at Heathrow in the area of Stanwell Moor a village in Surrey rather than the village of Sipson a village in the Borough of Hillingdon in London which is currently being thought of as a potential area for Heathrow's expansion. 

The only thing I thought was missing, was an emphasis on baggage at Heathrow, I know Anita covered questions on surprising cargo, but I would have liked to see how the baggage is introduced at the check in desk by passengers and how makes it onboard the aircraft, featuring all the places, stops and checks the baggage goes through in between. Overall, I enjoyed Airport Live and I thank you to everyone who made it possible. 

Sources: BBC2

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Bournemouth University.

So It's been a whole term at Bournemouth university, and now that the christmas holidays are over I'm back tomorrow for the second term. So far I'm loving Tourism Management. It's such a broad course and i feel like it's going to open a lot of doors for me. As the course is management based there is a few units which regard mathematics, such as 'The Market Economy' also known as economics and 'Financial Reporting' which can be seen as an accounting based unit. Mathematics, isn't exactly my strong point, but I came to university for a challenge and I aim to get to grips with the mathematics. I sat an economics in-class test just before christmas and I felt like it went well, and mid January I have my accounting in-class test so I'm currently revising that. I also study Spanish, which i feel is great, as you can never go wrong with a language, whatever industry your thinking of entering, and just before christmas I sat 50% of my year grade through written, listening, reading and oral tests, which I get the results back for in 2 weeks! So far I'm loving Bournemouth University, and more importantly Tourism Management.

In other news, September 2013 I'm off to Singapore and Australia! The soul reason to visit is because my Sister lives in Sydney. But it made sense to make it into a bigger trip, so I'm visiting, Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne over a three week period all in Business Class with Finnair, Qantas and British Airways. I am more than excited!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A very entertaining safety demonstration video.

Air New Zealand have truly embraced the 'middle earth' link as they cleverly market for the new film 'The Hobbit', through a very unique and attention grabbing safety demonstration video.

Check it out for yourself!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Jersey Field Trip

As part of my Tourism Management Level C work, I participated in a 3 day field trip to Jersey to learn about Jersey Tourism. We departed from Poole part on Friday12th October on a ferry to Jersey via Guernsey, unfortunately the weather wasn't exactly on the same side as the ferry and the crossing was very turbulent. 

On arrival we met with Jersey Tourism Marketing Manager, Simon Le Huray and Jersey Conference Bureau General Manager, Hamish Reid. Both Simon and Hamish provided very interesting information regarding tourism in Jersey, including how Jersey plays it's part in the environment by releasing nothing into the sea that isn't clean, and even the rain water is treated in UV lighting to make sure it is sterile before it can be released. Another interesting point I picked up on was how important Business tourism is to the island as it is not affected by seasonality unlike Leisure Tourism, and then how this could link to destinations like Jersey needing good policies in order to attract an all year round industry.

On the Saturday we went sightseeing. It felt nice actually being a tourist and seeing attractions and destinations from a tourists point of view rather than studying the attractions and destinations. We visited attractions such as La Hougue Bie, the Jersey War Tunnels and Mont Orgueil.

Mont Orgueil.

Breathtaking view from Mont Orgueil.

I enjoyed visiting different attractions and realising how certain settings and dramatic techniques can captivate tourists in attractions. For example in the Jersey War Tunnels, the multimedia effects used, such as projections, videos and sound effects throughout the tunnels made the attraction almost tell you how to feel. These effects would help create a 'sense of place' for certain visitors, and manipulate their feelings throughout different parts of the attraction.

What I loved about the Jersey War Tunnels is that they give each visitor a cardboard cut out passport of a real person that lived in Jersey during the war, which gives visitors a chance to track the person throughout the history displayed in the war tunnels. I thought this was a clever technique used as it almost gave a 'guided tour' experience to visitors, as the history of the Jersey inhabitant guided the visitor through the tunnels.

On the Sunday, the third and final day of our trip we were given bus passes and entry tickets for a wide range of attractions throughout the island and were given free time to explore attractions at our leisure. I went to the Durrell Wildlife Park. Although at first I thought the wildlife sanctuary was a 'zoo' I was pleasantly surprised to see animals such as Orangutans, Bats and other animals in open spaces without too much caging, which I liked as it represented their natural environment more than a tiny metal cage.

Jersey itself is an interesting island. I've been before in the past, but this time I really had chance to analyse the culture of the island. As Jersey is so close to France, parts of the island's road signs etc are written in French, and this is expressed within some of St Helier's architecture as it feels like there is a mix of European aspects. Such as French and Italian styled buildings but then twinned with the British culture. Jersey's interesting mix of culture intrigued me throughout the trip.

The sunset over Jersey on the ferry back to Poole.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

How am I doing you say?

Dear readers,

On the 16th of August I accepted my place at Bournemouth University! After being out of education for nearly 3 months, I feel like my blog has been slipping a bit, especially with my upkeep of posts. But in 8 days I will officially be a Tourism Management student! I can't wait to be indulged with knowledge and be inspired to write some really cool blog posts!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

What I've been doing lately

Dear readers, sorry for my long interval between blog posts! I've just got home from a little getaway in Corfu an island owned by Greece. Corfu was interesting, very different to here in the UK, but of course thats what we travel for! A change of scenery and lifestyle.

I wanted to try a new type of blog post, different than past ones, regarding news and my views of happenings in the Travel & Tourism industry. I set up a Pinterest account weeks ago, and today I actually logged on and got around to setting it up and following a few Travel bods to get my home page flowing, it then occurred to me that most of the people using Pinterest are posting photos of spectacular photos of destinations around the world, (which I am adding to my bucket list of places to go), looks like it's time to dig out the holiday albums and find some photos to upload to get my Pinterest going!


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(P.S. I feel like I should end each post with some sort of comment, to maybe summarise or round up these ranty sorts of posts? I'll think about that.)

Saturday, 30 June 2012

British Airways' sponsorship of London 2012 through their interactive online campaign.

So British Airways have been very patriotic over the last few months on the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, after doing some research I looked into the airlines YouTube channel, (BA YouTube Link) where they had a stack of videos regarding their #HomeAdvantage. What I love about the airlines efforts, is that they are encouraging the UK not to fly, shown through a possible outcome for if the airline decided not to fly during the games,  what use they would put their planes and staff to highlighted by the advert. The airline is shown to be encouraging the UK public to support the athletes and give them that extra cheer which could be the difference in motivation between Silver and Gold for some athletes, highlighted by BA's Head of Marketing, Abigail Comber, 'if we can just give them one more voice in the crowd, one more clap'. Obviously people will need to fly in order to get to the Games but BA is also showing in their advert that the airline is about giving it's customers an amazing journey to an exciting destination, highlighted by this plane travelling through the streets of London.

Last week I came across the new British Airways advert regarding London 2012, the use of typical major attractions such as 'Millionaire's row' and 'Footballers Alley' help the public be able to relate to the advert, as well as the fact that the advert can be interactive as well as you can type in any UK postcode to take a BA plane right up your street, creating comedy and a bond between BA and it's online audience. What I like about the advert is the fact it can be interactive but also it's truly representing London 2012.

The Daily Mail have written about the high popularity of the interactive advert as well as getting in touch with the airlines digital marketing manager Richard Bowden who said "Tens of thousands have customised their own versions. It has created a real buzz." Highlighting advertising for both the airline but also London 2012 as British Airways are also a proud sponsor. 

Here is the television version of the advert:

The interactive version can be accessed via the British Airways Home Advantage Facebook page.

Sources: Daily Mail & BAYouTube Link

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A look into the future for Aviation

So the other day whilst I was twittering I came across this really cool web article headlined 'Supersonic jet to fly from London to Sydney in four hours'  Which immediately interested me, as we all know a flight to Sydney can be long winded and time consuming. How can it only be four hours you ask? Through the use of 'lighter composite materials, advanced engines and smaller fuselages to reach top speeds' highlighted in the Daily Mail article. The new supersonic jet,  codenamed the X-54 will travel at 2,500mph compared to the Concorde that flew at 1,350mph. Currently the jet is designed to carry 12 passengers, and it is planned that the jet will not be available in full-size until at least 2030 hoping that the technology is possible and public acceptance is granted .

But what is most different and allows this supersonic jet to actually have a future in the Aviation industry is that all three companies, NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Gulfstream have been working together in order to reduce the sonic boom 'closer to a puff or plop'. But obviously the difficulties may not be just technical but also the acceptance of the super sonic jet into the public.

Of course the X-54 is merely a development but what attracted me most about the jet is the futuristic aspect it holds for the Aviation industry, and how if short flight times for 'long-haul' destinations are achievable what does the aviation industry's future hold? This sense of futurism has made me think about how 3 or 4 travel classes may not be needed with flat-bed seating due to the quick flights, which makes me think how airlines may have to restructure their usual set up in order to adapt to new technology.

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Sources: Daily Mail Fox News

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Entering Summer 2012

As of yesterday I'm no longer a college student! Had my last exam yesterday, and after weeks of revision, it feels weird being able to relax and not constantly clock watch or feel guilty that I could be revising.

So what's been happening over my revision period?
Well, revision! But as all my Twitter followers would know, over the Jubilee weekend I took a little trip to Paris, which was lovely, so here are some photos!

Musee du Louvre

The Eiffel Tower

La Defense, the business district building where the Hilton was located inside.

Arc de triomphe


A nice Club Europe experience home.

A small BA plane at Heathrow's T5 on the way there.

Views from The Eiffel Tower.

So now that I finally have some free time, my blog will be updated regularly so keep posted, and follow me on Twitter for regular updates - @hellototravel 

Friday, 27 April 2012

A more personal post

So this post is a little more personal than my usual posts, rather than writing numerous blog entries on aviation and tourism news that I find interesting, I believe now and then a post relating to myself is needed in order to make my blog more about my life!

So on Monday my sister took the plunge and moved to Australia! Although before setting roots down in Sydney her and her boyfriend are travelling around Bali for 4 weeks! The amount of jealousy I am holding right now should be illegal! She previously spent 2 months travelling around Australia about 5 years ago, (doesn't feel like 5 years ago, feels shorter!) and so got a holiday working visa for a year and off she's gone! So i've spent the week becoming very involved with numerous airlines, but in a different way than I normally am. Instead of researching about the latest airline updates from my twitter feed and online news articles I have spent the week on price comparison websites and airlines researching the prices of a Business Class return from LHR to SYD to be in Sydney for NYE! As you can imagine the ticket prices were not cheap. Looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of overtime at work this summer! If not I hope to be out there for Easter 2013. Doesn't that sound ages away?! 

In other news, I am sorry that I have been updating less regularly but it's that time of year again where my walls are covered in sticky notes, mind maps and colour coded pieces of paper as I prepare for my Summer term exams! I hope to blog throughout my exam period but as you can imagine I am working my socks off to get the best grades I can to get into University!

So I am not promising an update every week until June the 20th when I can close the laptop lid and push the text books aside for summer! 

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Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How 100 years late maritime disasters can still relate. Titanic VS Costa Concordia

Dear readers, I apologise for my lack of blogging during the last two weeks. I feel like I have been almost avalanched with coursework and revision schedules, but by organising my time efficiently I feel organised and on top of my studying again.

So on Sunday it was the 100 year anniversary of the sinking Titanic on it's maiden voyage. ITV produced a series on the Titanic, which I thought at first was going to literally be a re-build of the famous James Cameron film from 1997, but in fact the story highlighted views of different characters in different classes, and gave a unique view, which was although unreal and produced by ITV, I found it interesting towards the different types of passengers that travelled on the ship.

A few days before the anniversary I watched multiple inside footage of the Italian 'Costa Concordia' cruise liner that sank on Friday 13th January which made me relate the two maritime disasters and compare. By contrast all the passengers on the modern cruise liner were of all one class, but similarly it can be shown that the un-organisation of the evacuation process was still present. Although they were hardly like, due to the scale of the Titanic compared to the Costa Concordia. The reassurance of a stress and panic free evacuation process was definitely not shown onboard either ship.

Captain Schettino's actions by disembarking the ship can be shown as chilling and wrong for leaving passengers still onboard alone and stranded. This video link highlights Schettino's actions.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Oceanic and now... Richard Branson launches journeys to the centre of the Earth through his new organisation named as Virgin Volcanic

So Sir Richard Branson has created 'Virgin Volcanic'.  Stated by Branson's own it has been said that only 500 people have been to space, only three people have been to the bottom of the ocean, but no one has ever been to the centre of the earth. I am astonished by Branson's new creation, and although Virgin Volcanic, is not yet in operation his preparation for the future of tourism is futuristic and motivational for me as a student in the industry.

The VVS1, the new revolutionary vehicle created by Virgin, will be constructed out of patented carbon-carbon materials, which were created for deep space exploration. The VVS1 will be able to immerse three people into the molten lava core of an active volcano.

Virgin Volcanic plan to target the five most active volcanoes in the world within the first free years of operation, being:

•    Etna - Sicily, Italy
•    Stromboli - Aeolian Islands
•    Yasur - Republic of Vanuatu
•    Ambrym - Republic of Vanuatu
•    Tinakula - Solomon Islands

Although the organisation seems new, modern and mysterious, it was registered in the late 1990's in order to explore active volcanoes, due to Branson's 'long held a fascination with volcanoes'.

So will Branson's fascination become a reality? Although the preparation has been long, and still undergoing, I believe that Sir Richard Branson's creations really are exploring tourism to a 
full and modern extent.

Sources: Virgin 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Is Space Tourism expected to be sooner than we think?

It can be shown by a Reuter's report, that within the next 10 years that Space Tourism will be a $1 billion dollar industry.

This can be shown by companies which are creating major market investments in order to offer sub-orbital space flights privately. These include companies such as 'Virgin Galactic' founded by Sir Richard Branson:

The company appears to be in the process of building two space ships known as 'SpaceShipTwo' and 'WhiteKnightTwo'. Their latest customer celebrity actor Ashton Kutcher has said to have paid $200,000 for a seat onboard. Virgin Galactic state how their space crafts will be appropriate for their private passengers such as Kutcher, 'missions', as well as giving scientists and educators the chance to carry out experiments carefully as a 'versatile and attractive research platform'. Showing that Virgin Galactic having already targeted two types of customers to use their new, innovative product, due to launch in 2013.

Virgin Galactic is said to be based at 'Spaceport America' located within the State of New Mexico. Spaceport America highlight how 'Forward-thinking pioneers are developing both vertical and horizontal launch vehicles using the power of free-market-enterprise'. 

But not just Virgin Galactic are shown to be making this a soon to be $1 billion dollar industry. Other organisations such as XCOR Aerospace who started selling flights on the 27th February for research 'flight services and assist in creating standardization in research hardware for the suborbital market.' It can be shown from the Hufftington Post that Mike Massee, a spokesperson for XCOR, told The Huffington Post that the company expects to begin testing late this year or in early 2013, and that commercial flights should begin by 2014. Tickets cost $95,000 per flight.

There are shown to be a fair few companies that will be important within the Space Tourism industry such as Blue Origin, Boeing, Space X and according to the Huffington Post 'Sierra Nevada Corporation -- have contracts with NASA to transport crew members to low-earth orbit and the International Space Station. In summer 2011, NASA's space shuttle program, which brought personnel and supplies to the space station, was discontinued.'

Although this all seems very futuristic, it can be shown that from the days of Pan American's prime that the industry was starting to develop and that Space Tourism was being thought of.

5806824758 d2403dc1d8 o 750x1038 Pan Am Space Travel Advertising.

It was shown that Pan Am was planning to create 'Supersonic Transport' in the 1960's for the early 2000's. 

I believe that although this has been designed and thought of before, Virgin Galactic, actual creation of aircrafts shows that Space Tourism really is just round the corner. XCOR's Massee has said 'It's the beginning of our golden age of travel for space flight.' Showing a completely new transportation era.

So in the next few decades will the world being seeing cabin crew working in space just like Pan Am visioned?

Sources: Huffington PostForbesPanAmAirVirgin GalacticDesignYourTrustSpaceportAmericaGoogle Images.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lufthansa unveils their new B747-800 with a new Business Class!

So Lufthansa have unveiled their fleet of around 20 Boeing 747-800's on Monday, detailing that the first Lufthansa B747-800 flight will be on the 22nd March, which I saw on their Facebook page:

Lufthansa have highlighted over their Facebook page that they will be hosting a competition to win two tickets for the aircraft’s first Lufthansa world premier on the 22nd March.

But that isn't it. Lufthansa also unveiled a new Business class that will be featuring onboard their B747-800 aircraft! 

What does this consist of you say?

The new airlines Business Class will include a 15" TV screen which is significantly larger than the current 10.4" TV screens which are currently in use. But the new class doesn't just offer the usual technology upgrades the seat itself is now an impressive 1.98 metre flatbed. On aircrafts that the new class can be configured the seat layout will consist of either a  “V” (where two  seats next to each other are positioned towards one another along a central axis so that at head and shoulder level the seats are further apart than in the foot area), or “H” (where , seats are angled parallel to one another but positioned slightly towards the outer cabin wall).

It has been said by Lufthansa that the intended "V" layout configuration will be installed on the new B747-800 fleet which will fulfil one of their main aims for the new class to benefit their customers, being: "to sit or lie facing the direction of travel, and also allowed the carrier "to virtually double the distance between two neighbouring seats at shoulder level".

Lufthansa says it has invested €3 billion in overhauling its inflight products, with a total of 1,349 passengers and crew evaluating the new business class seat during test flights between Frankfurt and New York back in 2010. It can be judged that Lufthansa has injected such a large sum of money into the new Business Class in order to compete with other A380 carriers, such as Qantas and Singapore who already offer fully flatbed seats in their Business Classes.

I believe that the current Business class in use is no where near outdated for Lufthansa, compared to other long-haul airlines who offer a Business Class with no flat bed facility for their  passengers, resulting in some airlines that are losing out on a majority of customers who can find a better quality product elsewhere such as British Airways' club world.

I have experienced both Lufthansa's current Business Class as well as British Airways' Club World product and I believe that both products are exceptional, although on an upper deck of a BA B747 - 400 it can be highlighted that you are presented with more privacy due to a 2 by 2 layout, compared to on the main deck where there is a 2 by 4 by 2 layout for Club World passengers, as well as having a privacy divider it's almost like travelling in a suite which used to be more secluded and private than the old British Airways First Class layout as well as the current Lufthansa Business Class, as there is no attempt at a privacy divider.

 Images and facts are highlighted from this article - The Lufthansa website, as well as myself.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

British Airways getting involved in the 2012 olympics!

British Airways is shown to be bringing it's olympic experiences to the everyday people in the london area of Shoreditch. During this month of march it will be shown that British Airways will open it's airline-themed temporary or 'pop up' restaurant, cinema and art gallery. Named 'BA2012' which is highlighted to be a clever mix of British Airways' 2012 identity in the form of an airline route code e.g. 'BA0015' to Sydney.

The restaurant offers visitors a chance to sample the menus onboard in long haul First Class, of which those travelling to and from the UK in First will experience during the 2012 Olympic period. The pop-up restaurant includes artwork Pascal Anson, an artist designer who was mentored by Tracey Emin as his 'Dove' aspect design will be used on British Airways exteriors during the Olympic period, which will be displayed in the BA2012 gallery.

Kingston artist mentored by Tracey Emin unveils giant doves Olympic design

As shown in the image the interior of the restaurant is shown as premium-cabin aircraft, complete with aircraft looking windows and a gangway style divide between tables. 


The First Class menu, which will be served on board long-haul BA flights departing London Heathrow BA planes between July and September will include:

* Rillette of mackerel dressed on a pickled cucumber carpaccio with sour dough croutes

* Potted braised beef, with a potato and horseradish topping served with hispy cabbage, baby carrots and roasted shallots with a rich jus

* Chilled chocolate fondant with a salted caramel liquid centre, caramel sauce and spun sugar topped with hazelnuts

Dishes such as smoked salmon and Cornish crab roulade with Servruga caviar and summer cress salad, fish pie using sustainable sourced hake and lemon curd cheesecake with raspberry and basil compote will be available to Club World passengers. 


Tickets go on sale on 19th March 2012 and are priced at £50 each, which, though pricey at first glance, is a lot cheaper than a forking out for BA First Class ticket and a rare chance to ‘fly premium' without leaving the ground.

To book a place on Flight BA2012, visit

* Bookings must be made in advance

* Flight BA2012 is located at 3-10 Shoreditch High St, East London, E1 6PG.

* For £50, guests will receive entry to the gallery and screening room, plus a welcome glass of champagne, sit down three course menu with amuse bouche, and tea, coffee and petit four.

14th March 2012

I believe that British Airways' creation of the BA2012, is a fabulous way of getting those involved in the public who can't afford the full price of a First Class ticket, or simply want a luxury dining yet unique experience before the Olympic period. Showing that the airline itself, being the official 2012 Olympic airline partner, is representing themselves within the community, and getting London involved! A true portrayal of 'To Fly. To Serve'. 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

'The first showers in the sky'

How Emirates marketed 'The first showers in the sky' three years ago, at the birth of the Airbus A380, highlighting the modern day technology of aviation onboard the most technologically advanced aircraft, the A380.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My favourite airline safety demonstration videos

Emirates Airlines, suitable for A380 aircrafts.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

British Airways, suitable for a B747 aircraft.