Thursday, 22 March 2012

Is Space Tourism expected to be sooner than we think?

It can be shown by a Reuter's report, that within the next 10 years that Space Tourism will be a $1 billion dollar industry.

This can be shown by companies which are creating major market investments in order to offer sub-orbital space flights privately. These include companies such as 'Virgin Galactic' founded by Sir Richard Branson:

The company appears to be in the process of building two space ships known as 'SpaceShipTwo' and 'WhiteKnightTwo'. Their latest customer celebrity actor Ashton Kutcher has said to have paid $200,000 for a seat onboard. Virgin Galactic state how their space crafts will be appropriate for their private passengers such as Kutcher, 'missions', as well as giving scientists and educators the chance to carry out experiments carefully as a 'versatile and attractive research platform'. Showing that Virgin Galactic having already targeted two types of customers to use their new, innovative product, due to launch in 2013.

Virgin Galactic is said to be based at 'Spaceport America' located within the State of New Mexico. Spaceport America highlight how 'Forward-thinking pioneers are developing both vertical and horizontal launch vehicles using the power of free-market-enterprise'. 

But not just Virgin Galactic are shown to be making this a soon to be $1 billion dollar industry. Other organisations such as XCOR Aerospace who started selling flights on the 27th February for research 'flight services and assist in creating standardization in research hardware for the suborbital market.' It can be shown from the Hufftington Post that Mike Massee, a spokesperson for XCOR, told The Huffington Post that the company expects to begin testing late this year or in early 2013, and that commercial flights should begin by 2014. Tickets cost $95,000 per flight.

There are shown to be a fair few companies that will be important within the Space Tourism industry such as Blue Origin, Boeing, Space X and according to the Huffington Post 'Sierra Nevada Corporation -- have contracts with NASA to transport crew members to low-earth orbit and the International Space Station. In summer 2011, NASA's space shuttle program, which brought personnel and supplies to the space station, was discontinued.'

Although this all seems very futuristic, it can be shown that from the days of Pan American's prime that the industry was starting to develop and that Space Tourism was being thought of.

5806824758 d2403dc1d8 o 750x1038 Pan Am Space Travel Advertising.

It was shown that Pan Am was planning to create 'Supersonic Transport' in the 1960's for the early 2000's. 

I believe that although this has been designed and thought of before, Virgin Galactic, actual creation of aircrafts shows that Space Tourism really is just round the corner. XCOR's Massee has said 'It's the beginning of our golden age of travel for space flight.' Showing a completely new transportation era.

So in the next few decades will the world being seeing cabin crew working in space just like Pan Am visioned?

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